CCTV Surveillance Systems

CCTV Surveillance system

Secure your home / business with these variety of CCTV Surveillance Systems

Electronic Surveillance, Security CCTV

There are a variety of security cameras available on the market today. They vary with tech-nology, style, and features. Lower priced CCTV cameras often use a CMOS (Complementary Metal Oxide Semiconductor)chip whereas higher quality cameras use CCD (Charge Couple Device) chips. Cameras using CMOS technology have less light sensitivityand overall produce a much poorer image compared to cameras using CCD technology. To distinguishbetween CCD chips manufacturers refer to the size of the chip. You will generally see these noted as1/4”or 1/3”and sometimes 1/2”. Typically a larger chip will produce a higher quality image.However, as technology is evolving, smaller, more affordable chips are being manufactured that produce high image quality.

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